Thursday 24 April 2014

Free write: Themes

So all of us know what themes are- we see them everyday when we read or watch a movie. Usually, its the stories have themes that revolve around love and relationships with different people. It could appear in a cheesy love story or even a deep heartfelt book about cancer. Themes don't have boundaries and even though we classify books or stories under them, there are no restrictions to the broad usage of words in this world. Obviously, if numerous books about love/hope/death appear to be liked by the majority of the population, the theme or trend of the story will continue to strive with humankind.

Everybody needs a good story once in a while, a small escape from reality. Themes just represent things we like the most- what makes us happy to hear or things that we wholeheartedly enjoy. I don't know if themes could have some sort of ulterior motive to seek out the true emotions and what it really means to be human, but themes not only help us identify stories, but a reflection of what we see in ourselves or the people around us.

Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, themes that are liked by people will continue to strive through the world, but maybe they may find a dead end and never return (hopefully not). But some themes do continue to imprint a legacy upon us and I think people enjoy certain themes more than others because it is something we relate to and something all of us can say, "Hey, I know what it feels like to be like X character in a book," too.

I believe that ideas are always built upon others and we don't just create our own ideas out of nowhere, and copyrights shouldn't really exist. So in a way, EVERY SINGLE story we tell is just another story based on another story and another story and so on…


  1. I agree that themes are "a reflection of what we see in ourselves or the people around us." That is a very unique way to look at this idea. Thanks.

  2. Hey Jo Yie. I liked what you said about how that books/stories are an escape from reality(I totally agree) but can't books/stories remind us about reality? I think that books have the power to bring us in for the wild ride that includes both sides of escaping the reality and entering it.

    You're right, themes linked to people and books with characters we can relate to would probably be more successful and strive through generations because there is that connection.

    I like what you said about how EVERY SINGLE story is just story based on another and so on. :)