Thursday 26 December 2013

Holiday in Heaven

5 Seconds to Impact 
The sirens go off and the oxygen masks drop down from above. Confused, I shut the enticing book I was reading. I look around at the others who are panicking and hurriedly placing the masks on their red faces. As I reach out to grab the mask, a loud siren goes off, wailing a horrid tune. Trying to block out the sound, I put on the mask and try breathing. Something seems wrong as I breathe in and out, so I take it off again, deciding I breathe better without it. The pilots voice comes on and he announces that we are about to crash and for everyone to stay calm. I stand up, and become part of the others panicking and shrieking.

4 Seconds to Impact 
I look into the big blue-green eyes that I first fell in love with in second grade. Years have passed and they never failed to comfort me until now. Somehow, the eyes that were once filled with hope, trust, love and strength had vanished. Instead they were replaced with eyes full of terror, like a sad little boy waiting for mom to come home. He looks me in the eye, and tries to say 'I'm sorry' but he barely breathes out a syllable when he cries, and along with terror comes depression. Depression and sadness. I reach for the boy of my dream's hand and squeeze it, mortified at what's going on.

3 Seconds to Impact 
I think of the people back home. I think of little Ella sleeping in her cot. I think of Jake and John running around the house, driving Mum and Dad mad. I think of Mum and Dad, who volunteered to take care of the kids. Have I told my three beautiful children how much I love them and everything I know about the vast world? I think of the promise I made myself at age 18- to live life to the fullest and have no regrets. I know there are so many things I could have done, so much more I could have said to make this world a better place. 

2 Seconds to Impact 
But there's nothing I can do now, as I look out the circular window. The aeroplane is closing into the forest fast and I think about what would have happened if we arrived in Paris to renew our vows and show our love for each other. My head feels light, as all the memories transform into a wide grin. As I sit recollecting my memories of 30 years, I feel a sense of peace even though I know my time on this earth has come to a close. I pray that the ones I love will be okay, I pray that Ella will remember me. Hopefully the boy of my dreams will be there in Heaven, too, so I won't be too lonely. 

1 Second to Impact I close my eyes and block out everything around me. I see angels.



  1. Wow! This story is so good! How did you come up with it? Has something like this ever happened to you?

  2. Wow! Powerful story. It reminds me that tension and suspense can be built pretty quickly. You have done a lovely job of creating this tension. Reminds me of the show Lost for some reason. Keep writing I am looking forward to reading more.

  3. This is really amazing! The whole time I was thinking about what was going to happen! It's intense and really creative. I love all the last minute thoughts from the character and the background information just squeezed in there!

    1. Yeah, the back story stuff about the characters is what reminds me of Lost!

  4. That story is very attractive! I really like the use of vocabulary in this story. Its makes it more interesting. A really nice story Jo Yie!

  5. This is amazing piece you have put so much suspense in this poem and it makes it such a powerful piece, this reminds me of something that happened to our friends, they had to make an emergency landing in Russia. Great job.

    1. Can you tell us more about the emergency landing?